Accused in the murder Nemtsov refused to admit guilt in court

Five of the accused in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov said at a meeting of the Moscow district military court about his innocence, the correspondent from the courtroom.

On Monday, the jury of the meeting of Mowca proceeded to the consideration of resonant business.

Combat tube

The court session began with the speech of the state Prosecutor Maria Semenenko. Standing behind the podium in front of a jury, she in turn presented all the accused, the Deputy commander of the battalion “North” Zaur Dadaev, his relatives — brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubarevich, and also their friends Temirlan eskerhanova and Khamzat Bagaeva. She stated that they, as well as another the fighting battalions “North” Beslan Shavanov committed the murder of a politician in order muhutdinova Ruslan — in the past, the personal driver of the commander of the battalion “North” Ruslan Eremeev. Savanov died during detention in March 2015. Mukhutdinov now is wanted.

According to Semenenko, the motive was money — 15 million rubles, which promised the accused to pay mukhutdinov. “They agreed and immediately joined in an organized group,” — said the Prosecutor. She explained that an organized group differed cohesion, the presence of friendship and family ties, roles and a clear plan.

The Prosecutor said that mukhutdinov rented an apartment for the participants of the case Fan on the street in Moscow, will give them his car, a Mercedes ML number 007 and bought cell phones, which were used for the conspiracy — fighting tube.

Directly same artists led Dadaev, said Semenenko. According to her, the accused had collected about Netwave information via the Internet and put a tail on him. For surveillance they used ZAZ Chance car which was later used during the killings.

Glass Windows

Semenenko said that the murder occurred in the evening of February 27. The day after Nemtsov accused was following the patrol-guard service-senior and Savenow, that saw him eating at one of the restaurants in Gum with the Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya. “The accused saw them through the big glass Windows,” explained Semenko. They waited until the couple leaves the restaurant, and called Dudaeva, using a safe phone, said Semenenko.

According to the materials of the case, Dada caught up with Nemtsov and his companion on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge and shot the politician in the back. As explained Semenenko, Dadaev made at least six shots, four bullets hit policy. Doctors, who arrived on a call could only ascertain the death, the Prosecutor said.

Dadaev told Semenko, after killing literally jumped into the car ZAZ Chance, run by the patrol-guard service, as well as sitting Savanov. The car drove in the direction of New Arbat. There the accused abandoned the car and on the car got to Rolling. Dadaev, said Semenenko, the way replaced three cars.

The next day, told Semenenko, most of the accused fled from Moscow to Chechnya. “There were only those who thought that no one will calculate”, — concluded the Prosecutor. According to the materials of the case, in the apartment on the Fan left to live Eskerkhanov. A Bahai has lived in the village of Kozino in the Odintsovo district of Moscow region.

The driver for the Deputy commander

The defendants stated that it did not admit guilt, this was stated and their lawyers. “Not pleaded guilty”, — briefly said Dadayev. He noted that he is not to speak, and all will testify at the end of the meeting.

The same position was taken and the other defendants. “The prosecution says that we watched Nemtsov over the Internet. We have no such knowledge to follow through the Internet for someone”, — explained his position the patrol-guard service Junior. “The evidence of the prosecution, their evidence refute the guilt of our clients,” said attorney Dadaeva Shamsudin cakaev. “This is only the beginning of the process, so don’t make premature conclusions,” said the lawyer Gubareva Sr. Musa Khadisov.

A similar position was taken by the lawyers Gubareva, Jr. Mohammed Hadiths and advocate eskerhanova Anna Burceva. “I am absolutely confident that my client did not commit this crime and nothing to do with this has,” said Burceva.

In turn, the lawyer Zaurbek Sadaharu, representing the interests of Bagaeva, pointed out inconsistencies in the position of the investigation. “It was said that mukhutdinov — the customer. But he was only the driver of the battalion commander, and the Dada — simcommander. Whether the driver can be the customer for the second-in-command?” — said the lawyer.

Victims also expressed disagreement in court. As stated in the beginning of the meeting the lawyers of the daughters of the deceased Jeanne Nemcova, they believe that the investigation was referred to the court cold case.