Company “Sapsan” presented apartment Belarusians for bringing a Russian flag to Rio

The President of group of companies “Sapsan” Sergey Shmakov presented a certificate for an apartment in Moscow, Andrei Vovchenko — the chief of Department of winter sports, the Ministry of sport of Belarus, launched at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games flag of Russia, a certificate for an apartment in Moscow. The presentation of the certificate on passed a press-conference in Moscow, reports TASS.

“I want to Express my appreciation to Andrew Fomochkin for his act, now our whole country must look up to such people,” — said Shmakov, handing Fomochkina certificate.

Flag that Fomochkin carried at the opening of the Paralympics at a press conference in Moscow was transferred to the Paralympic Committee of Russia (PKR) to Belarusian officials transferred him to the Vice-President of PKR, Lydia Abramova, reports “Interfax”.

“We came in order to transmit the flag, which was carried through the stadium “Maracana”, our Russian friends-athletes,” said Fomochkin.

That Fomochkina going to give the apartment the day before the official representative the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova. She wrote in her Facebook that she was asked by a friend of her friend, who told about the intention to give Fomochkina apartment and asked diplomat for help.

Zakharova did not disclose the identity of his interlocutor, but remarked that “personally inspected” the apartment’s “real, in the finished house.”

Informed its decision to carry the Russian flag at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro Fomochkin explained solidarity with the Russian Paralympic athletes who were not admitted to the Games because of doping charges. After the opening ceremony, Fomochkin was denied accreditation to the Olympic games and left Brazil.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov described the actions of the Belarusian officials “act worthy of admiration”, and Zakharova called him a hero.