In the state Duma announced the ratification of the agreement on the group in Syria

The state Duma Friday to consider a question on ratification of the agreement on the deployment in Syria of Russian aircraft group. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to Leonid Slutsky, whose candidacy is supported by the Duma on a post of the head of the international Committee.

“Most likely, the state Duma will consider the ratification of the agreement on Friday. The final decision on the inclusion of this document in the agenda on this day will be made in the coming days”, – quotes Agency of his word.

The statements come amid reports that the United States has suspended cooperation with Russia on Syria.

Slutsky said that Russia will not cease to provide assistance to Syria, adding that Moscow still needs “to develop countermeasures”.

In turn, a source “RIA Novosti” the international Committee of the lower house of Parliament explained that the state Duma may react on US refusal to cooperate with Russia’s decision to ratify the aviation group in Syria. “And this is the best statement”, — quotes Agency the words of his companion.

The agreement on the deployment in Syria of the Russian aviation group was signed on 26 August 2015 in Damascus. It was published in January 2016, three months later after Russia has started in Syria a military operation with the Russian VKS.

At the end of July, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered to submit the agreement to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for ratification to the state Duma. In early August the head of state introduced the document to the lower house of Parliament for ratification.

The newspaper “Vedomosti” informed, citing an unnamed former official of the defense Ministry explained that according to the law on international treaties to ratify the Russian-Syrian agreement on the deployment of the air group in Syria is not compulsory if it does not affect issues of peace and security and is not a Treaty of military Alliance. In the preamble to the agreement States that it is not directed against third countries and aims at fighting the terrorist threat, the newspaper reminds.