The chamber has found gaps in the system of e-justice

acquainted with the new audit chamber report on the implementation of the project “Support of judicial reform.”

This project is aimed at improving the openness and transparency of the courts, was launched in 2007. As follows from the document, its value amounted to $172,4 million, of which $50 million was allocated by the International Bank for reconstruction and development (IBRD), the rest of the budget.

Most of the money provided by the IBRD — $40.8 million — had to go to the implementation of the integrated information system (CIS) in the Metropolitan courts, said the Chairman of Moscow city court Olga Egorova in November 2015 at a press conference.


KIS would allow the trial participants to get acquainted with the materials of the case and to apply via the Internet, and judges — to send electronic requests to various state institutions, explained the President of the court.

“If the judges will be able to send electronic requests to the authorities, including law enforcement authorities, court bailiffs service and the Federal registration service, it will greatly reduce the processing time of cases,” — said Egorov.

For introduction of the CIS was planned to create a single portal of courts of General jurisdiction of Moscow, where the participants of civil and criminal cases would receive access to private offices, Yegorov explained. And implementation of the system has been charged, ZAO “CROC” — the company, which has introduced an electronic record of arbitrage cases (kad.arbitr) in 2010. The arbitration system has an opportunity to file a claim electronically and remotely read all documents of the parties, and any court decisions.

In courts of General jurisdiction today, the state automated system (GUS) “Justice”, but it gives the process participants the ability to send electronic documents to the court or to get acquainted with the business. “The quality of the system gas “Justice” simply catastrophic. Even to know the date of the next meeting in the system — problem — says partner of the law firm of BMS Law Firm lawyer Timur Huta. — Compare GUS “Justice”, and a card file of arbitration cases is like comparing a Bicycle and a Mercedes.

New keys had to significantly Supplement gas “Justice”, not by replacing it. “The new system will be integrated into an existing,” — said at the presentation KIS Egorova.

The difficulties of integrating

But as found by the chamber, over the past year, the judicial Department did not take measures for synchronization GUS “Justice” and the new system. “Software purchased with funds of the IBRD loan are not integrated in the unified judicial system of the Russian Federation”, — the report of the chamber.

In the report, the chamber indicated that it would send letters to the Ministry, the judicial Department of the Supreme court and the Ministry of Finance with the requirements to eliminate violations.

In a press-service of the Moscow city court refused to comment on the situation, explaining that all the issues of integration of the system should be addressed to the judicial Department of the Supreme court.

But contact with the head of Department of media relations of the judicial Department at VS Vadim by Ziyatdinova failed on Friday, September 30, his phone did not answer.