The Colombians rejected the bill to end a half-century of civil war

The agreement with the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) after three years of negotiations, concluded the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos. The agreement was put to a referendum, the results of which 50,21% came to the polling stations, reports Reuters. Due to heavy rains, the turnout was only 37%, but according to local law it doesn’t matter.

President Santos has said that he was disappointed with the outcome of the referendum as “counting on a better future for their children.” He promised to hold talks with opponents of the peace Treaty and sent their representatives to Cuba for consultations with the leaders of FARC.

In turn, FARC commander Rodrigo Londono, known by the nickname “Tymoshenko also said that his people hope for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Reuters notes that public opinion polls ahead of the referendum predicted the victory of the supporters of the peace agreement, however, as a result of successful were those who spoke out against the Amnesty supporters of the FARC and their inclusion in political life of the country. They indicated that they do not want to forgive the partisans of all their sins. In addition to this displeasure was the point of the agreement, according to which the imprisoned activists of the FARC guaranteed to receive seats in Parliament.

The civil war in Colombia started in 1964 and lasted with varying success for the next 52 years, and the authorities indicated that the purpose of financing the FARC leaders were involved in the drug trade and kidnapping. According to experts, the recent successes of the government army led to the fact that the total number of the rebel troops was reduced to seven thousand people.

The total number of deaths during the civil war is estimated at 220 thousand.