The Finance Ministry increased the secret expenses of the budget of 680 billion rubles.

Allocations for the open part of the Federal budget in 2016 will be reduced by 374,5 billion RUB compared to the current budget law, the draft amendments to the budget released Monday by the Ministry of Finance for the so-called independent anti-corruption expertise. But in the closed part of the secret and top secret appropriations, expenditures increased by nearly 680 billion rubles, calculated on the basis of the published bill and its annexes.

Total budget expenditures in 2016 are proposed to increase by about 300 billion rubles., up to 16.4 trillion. Of these, the closed part is 3.66 trillion rubles, or 22.3% of total expenditure. This is the most in the history of modern Russia, says the head of military economy laboratory of the Gaidar Institute Vasily Zatsepin. Last year, the share of classified expenditures totaled 20%, and this year, as suggested by the current law on the budget had to be reduced to 18.5%.

Closed part of the budget as a share of total expenditure is increasing every year since 2009 (when it amounted to 10%), follows from the data of the Ranepa and the Gaidar Institute. On the basis of the project of the Ministry of Finance of secret appropriations in 2016 will amount to 4.4% of Russia’s GDP.

“The war in Syria, the appetites of the military industrial complex and intelligence agencies, appeared in this year Regarde” — lists Zatsepin, commenting on the growth of the closed part. In addition, it is now a rearmament program until 2020, the expert reminds.

In the open part proposed, for example, to reduce expenditures under section “national economy” on 414,7 bln rubles., section “Health” — 28.6 billion roubles, housing and communal services — by 10.5 billion rubles. However, allocations under section “national defense” increased relative to the current law on the budget of 10.3 billion rubles, the Expenditure on the other power section — “national security and law enforcement — declining by 14.8 billion rubles. it is the open part. The project has 9 apps secret and two top secret.

Classified costs traditionally most in the section “national defense 67% last year. But they are in other sections: for example, in the section “national economy” in 2015 we classified 7% of the costs in the section “Education” — 4,3%, “Healthcare” — 3,6%, “Culture — 0,1%, from the data of the Ranepa and the Gaidar Institute.

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