“The new newspaper” has informed on prevention of attempt at Kadyrov

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, citing sources in the early summer of 2016 from Chechnya “began to receive information about the detention of several dozen people.” Most of the detainees, according to the newspaper, was from Nozhai-Yurt, Gudermes and Kurchaloy districts.

Sources, including from the Chechen FSB and of the GSM TFR in the North Caucasian Federal district, “operated the word “conspiracy”, the newspaper writes. Information in the Republic, she argues, carefully concealed, however, “fragmentary evidence testified even on failure, but the most ambitious in the history of the reign of Ramzan Kadyrov trying”. The newspaper adds that most of the conspirators were young people from the Benoy teip, which belong to the Kadyrovs, Yamadayev, Delimkhanov and representatives of other well-known Chechen names.

With reference to your information, “Novaya Gazeta” claims that the attack was being prepared in the village of Benoy, in residence, which usually stops Kadyrov”. The residence was laid explosives, and the conspirators were seized, “a serious Arsenal of advanced weapons” – the newspaper writes that this information she confirmed the man involved in the searches.

The plot, the newspaper said, was uncovered by accident. Sources, writes the “Novaya Gazeta”, “agree that information about the conspirators allegedly gave a cousin of the head of administration of head of the region of Islam Kadyrov Walid”. According to one version, his number was obtained in the course of researching the phone numbers of two terrorists who died on may 9, CPT 138 at the entrance to Grozny. According to another version, Walid stole his brother’s secret phone number of the head of Chechnya and gave Yamadaev. Walid is one line of relatives of Kadyrov, the other brothers Yamadayev, the newspaper notes.

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