The US state Department condemned the destruction of the Yemeni rebels warship UAE

State Department spokesman John Kirby called the attack of the rebels-Houthis on a warship UAE “provocative actions that reduce the chances for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Yemen, reports Reuters. According to him, the US condemned the attack and advocate for the freedom of movement of ships in Bab-El-Mandeb Strait, which connects the Red sea with the Indian ocean..

In turn, a coalition of Arab States, which supports Yemen’s President in the fight against Iranian-backed rebels have promised to intensify the fight with the boats of the Huthis in the area of the Strait. On Saturday, the coalition said that the hybrid catamaran leased by the military of the UAE were used to deliver humanitarian aid and evacuate wounded civilians. the Ship was downed by the rebels and sunk, while in the UAE claim that no one died.

The coalition described the incident in the Strait as a “terrorist attack” directed against the entire civilian navigation.

In turn, the Houthis in control of most of Yemen, said that the rocket was struck by a warship involved in the fighting on the side of the coalition. The rebels claim that the catamaran HSV-2 Swift was used to transport troops to Yemen.

The catamaran HSV-2 was created in Australia for the needs of the U.S. Navy and was used in various middle Eastern conflicts for the delivery of various cargoes.