Deputies of the state Duma will be deprived of “disguised vacations”

On Tuesday at a meeting of the temporary working group on preparation of the first meeting of the state Duma, United Russia offered to return to the previous operation, which was in the lower house of the Russian Parliament of the fourth convocation. “Then it was three working weeks, one week was devoted to the work of deputies in the regions. But every week, worked two days instead of three,” said the Chairman of the Committee on rules United Russia Viktor Pinsky.

In the previous state Duma, the sixth convocation of the deputies at the plenary session took two weeks and held three plenary meetings per week. The third week is dedicated to work in the Duma committees and the fourth work in the regions. As a rule, meetings of committees of the deputies in the plenary meetings, so a week of work in committees were not busy, explained the need for changes in Pinsk.

The failure of three weeks of meetings at the time were caused by a number of deputies, for three weeks they were impossible to hold in the Duma, “they have gone on holiday to nice, Miami, Geneva,” says a source in the Duma. This is the procedure for work acted under Vice-speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in the state Duma of the fourth convocation — the main contender for the office of the speaker of the new Duma.

This week the state Duma Council will decide on this issue. Not all participants supported this proposal. According to the Deputy from “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov, for two weeks of plenary meetings is a better option to work with in terms of appearance and vitality of the consideration of bills”.

In recent convocations working hours of deputies shrank, it turned out that they were in the Duma for two weeks, rest two weeks of the month had been “disguised” vacation”, says political analyst Ekaterina Shulman. The agenda of the plenary meetings were long considered the bills in Batyr pace, not all have time, she said. Therefore, the quality of legislative activities of MPs for two days of meetings in a week.

The Communist party will support a three-week meeting schedule, said Deputy Chairman of the faction Nikolai Kolomeitsev. “This procedure was until the fourth convocation, he was natural and comfortable. Then committees could meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, MPs will have enough time to prepare for all the events,” says the latter.