In Russia since 2017 will start to apply a new kind of criminal punishment

Russia will apply a new kind of criminal punishment–forced labor, said in an interview with TASS Deputy Director of the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) of Russia Valery Maksimenko.

According to him, forced labour is another alternative to imprisonment.

“This kind of punishment has the advantage that it is not isolation from society. Forced labor and being in the detention centres, despite their name, can be compared with the work of shift workers who work away from home, living in hostels,” said Maximenko.

From 1 January 2017, the country will open the first four correctional center in Tyumen and Tambov regions, in the Stavropol and seaside edges, and also seven sites that will accept almost 900 prisoners.

In these centres there is no such protection in penal colonies, with the permission of the administration, convicts will be able to leave these institutions, however, they will not be able to choose or change jobs, said Maximenko.

Forced labor was included in the criminal code as one of the punishments in December 2011. To apply this measure was supposed to start in 2013, but because of the unwillingness of correctional centres implementation of the new form of punishment was postponed, first to 2014 and later until 2017.