Russia lifted the ban on export of Egyptian fruits and vegetables

Russia lifted the ban on export of Egyptian fruits and vegetables

Moscow. 1 Oct. Russia from October 1 removes the ban on the supply of produce from Egypt, said the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert.

“Restrictions are removed on 1 October on the supply of vegetables and fruits. In respect of the supply of potatoes this measure continues to act,” he said.

Restrictions on the importation of fruits and vegetables from Egypt was introduced on September 22. The reason for this was the discovery in fruits and vegetables dangerous pests.

26 September in Moscow was visited by representative delegation of the Ministry of agriculture of Egypt, which presented a plan for elimination of violations.

The supply of all agricultural commodities, except potatoes are permitted, subject to the Egyptian side of all requirements of the Russian Federation to ensure that phytosanitary clean parties.

The question of the supply of potatoes can be resolved in October-November. It is expected that the Russian delegation of experts will visit Egypt in October-November 2016 to assess the effectiveness of the measures taken in compliance with the Russian phytosanitary requirements in the supply of Egyptian potatoes. In the course of the visit will be a revised Protocol for the export of potatoes from Egypt to Russia.

The continued ban on potatoes is associated with particular concern with a regular supply of the infected parties. “At the talks it was emphasized that the supply of products contaminated Mediterranean fruit fly (fruit), this product can be decontaminated, in the case of admission of potatoes infected with this organism, like potato cyst nematode, to do anything it is already impossible”, – explained earlier Rosselhoznadzor.

Egypt is one of the largest suppliers of fresh produce in Russia. Last year was imported 522 thousand tons, of which 307 thousand tons was citrus.