The Kremlin responded to messages to send to Syria the system “Antey-2500”

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov advised to contact the defence Ministry to clarify on the supply to Syria of Russian air defense systems s-300V4 “Antey-2500”. He told about it to journalists, reports .

“This is a question that should be addressed to our military Ministry. In such cases, to refer to some ephemeral sources believe is incorrect,” — said Peskov.

Informed about the delivery of the Antey-2500″ in Syria has told American TV channel Fox News, citing sources in the US administration. According to the channel, over the weekend system components have already arrived at the Russian naval base in Syria’s Tartus. According to TV channel, the components of the system arrived over the weekend at the Russian naval base in Syria’s Tartus. The interlocutors Fox News called it the first case of deployment of air defense systems s-300V4 outside the country’s borders.

In his story the TV channel stressed that the system “Antey-2500” has the potential to resist any American cruise missiles in Syria, and the terrorists in Syria, no cruise missiles, no planes, no.

On the eve of the USA declared the termination of cooperation with Russia on Syria, which was carried out on the basis of an agreement between Moscow and Washington on 9 September.