The Pentagon expressed surprise delivery to Syria of Russian s-300 systems

Speaking at a briefing in Washington, press Secretary of the Pentagon Peter cook said that while he could not answer the question, what is the purpose of the Russian military was sent to Syria with anti-aircraft missile system s-300. According to him, Moscow was originally called the goal of fighting extremism, however, neither the Islamic state nor the Syrian branch of “al-Qaeda” (both organizations are banned in Russia) do not have the aircraft against which it would be possible to use air defenses, the Washington Post reported..

The question is whether the s-300 threat to American pilots involved in the operations of the antiterrorist coalition, cook said that it depends on how the Russian military are going to use anti-aircraft missile system.

The Pentagon spokesman stressed that the United States will continue to ensure the safety of its troops, which have the right to self-defence.

On the afternoon of 4 October, the Russian defense Ministry has confirmed reports that the shipment to Syria anti-aircraft missile system s-300. The official representative of the military Department major General Igor Konashenkov explained that the system is designed to ensure the security of its naval base in Syrian Tartus and “located in the coastal area of the ships of the operative connection of the Russian Navy from the air.”

“Let me remind you that the s-300 is a purely defensive system and no one poses no threat,” — said Konashenkov.