“Fair Russia” ahead of other Duma fractions in terms of percentage of business

The large representation of businessmen in the newly elected Duma was that of the faction “Fair Russia”. As it became known according to results of a study of declarations of deputies about the income and property of the 23 deputies-spravorossov six (26%) own shares in 42 different companies. The faction includes the owner of the biggest business assets in the Duma Igor Ananskikh, declared the participation of 19 companies.

A high percentage of businessmen among spravorossov interlocutors in the party explained that the party leader Sergei Mironov was interested in attracting a faction of wealthy people, so many of the sixth convocation deputies from “Fair Russia” remained “overboard”.

The absolute number of businesses, shares in which are owned by the MPs, the leadership belongs to the “United Russia”. In fraction of United Russia, 62 people own shares in 216 companies. But their representation in the fraction is only 18%. Even the liberal democratic party, where traditionally there is a strong entrepreneurs, ahead of the “United Russia” according to their percentage in the fraction. Only the liberal Democrats, judging by the submitted declarations, eight members (21% of the faction) own shares in 13 companies.

But in the faction “United Russia” has concentrated all the “cream” of the Duma of the business community. Almost all the members referred to in Forbes — Alexander Skorobogatko (No. 40), Leonid simanovskiy (No. 87), Nikolay Bortsov (No. 144), Grigory Anikeev (No. 182), Airat Khairullin (No. 27 in 2013) pass to the state Duma from the ruling party, as deputies of the previous convocations.
Less is just the representation of the businessmen were Communists. In the LDPR faction only four MPs (10%) own shares in 11 companies.

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