Forbes has named the 400 richest Americans

Forbes on Tuesday released its annual ranking of the 400 richest Americans. The leader of the ranking in the 23rd time was the co-founder of Microsoft bill gates. Its condition Forbes estimated at $81 billion Is $6 billion more than in March when Forbes published the rating of world’s richest people, which was headed by gates.

Second place went to the CEO and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. According to the magazine, his fortune is $67 billion In the global ranking in spring, a billionaire ranked fifth with a fortune estimated at $45.2 billion

According to Forbes, Bezos earned for the year more than any other member of the list. This allowed him to press in the list of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, who held second place behind gates for 15 years. In the new list Buffett rounded out the top three, its condition Forbes estimated at $65.5 bn (March estimate of $60.8 billion).

Fourth place for the first time took the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, whose fortune, according to Forbes, and reached $55.5 billion (in March $44.6 billion). Fifth place went to the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, its condition Forbes estimated at $49.3 billion (in March $43.6 billion).

The number of women on the list rose from 46 to 50. The richest of them Forbes called one of the heirs to the Wal-Mart Empire Alice Walton, whose state is estimated at $35.4 billion In the overall ranking of the 400 richest Americans, it occupies 13-e a place. The youngest billionaire in the ranking — the 26-year-old Snapchat co-founder (September renamed Snap) Evan Spiegel. Its condition Forbes estimated at $2.1 billion, Spiegel is 335 -.

More than 10% of participants rated Americans (42 people) were born outside the United States. The richest of them Forbes called the Google co-founder Sergey Brin, whose parents brought him as a child in the United States from the Soviet Union. In the ranking of Brin closes the first ten, his fortune is estimated at $37.5 billion

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump descended on 35 stitches and took 156 place. His fortune is estimated at $3.7 billion — $800 million less than the year before. Earlier Forbes reported that 18 of the 28 assets of trump for the year fell significantly.

“400 richest in the country richer than ever,” writes Forbes. The average condition of the members of the list reached $6 billion total — $2.4 trillion, is a record, the magazine notes. The minimum threshold for getting into the rankings in 2015, $1.7 billion In the rating Americans first came, 22 people, including the heiress of developer Sol Goldman, Jane, whose condition is estimated in $3 billion 26 people were eliminated from the list for various reasons: most lost their fortune as the founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, six dead, the media Mogul Anne Cox chambers divided their money between the three kids (they debuted in the rating). State three other participants in last year’s rankings, as found Forbes, is not theirs alone, and distributed among their relatives.