Mikail Shishkhanov will combine their financial assets

Financial group Safmar (previously group BIN), manages the assets of the family Gutseriev-Shishanov, began the process of combining their non-financial assets on the basis of the company “Europlan”, said the shareholder Safmar and the head of Binbank Mikhail Shishkhanov. According to him, the combined company will include three main areas — pension business, leasing and insurance. The banking group of the Bank in the perimeter of the transaction will not be included.

“We plan to pay for technical issue to Deposit in PJSC “evroplan” owned by us shares of TSC, as well as 100% stake in NPF “Safmar”. As a result, we plan to create a public company with a market capitalization of over 60 billion rubles. and not rated below BB-. Similar financial structures in the Russian market there,” — said Shishkhanov in an interview .

Leasing company “Europlan” was established in 1999. In July 2015 it was purchased by structures of Mikhail Shishkhanov and Mikhail Gutseriev funds Baring Vostok and Capital International. After the IPO in December 2015, 51% of the shares controls Еuroplan Holdings Ltd (Cyprus), which beneficiary is the Shishkhanov. According to SPARK, to 15.5% of the shares of the leasing company controlling the group’s funds BIN: NPF Doverie, NPF “European pension Fund”. In addition, among the owners listed FG Safmar with a stake of 24.99% of shares.

VSK insurance company belongs to Sergey Tsikalyuk (51%), 45% of the company’s shares in may 2016 purchased FG Safmar, paying the transaction assets of SK BIN Insurance. According to shishkhanova, Safmar is the option to purchase another 4% of shares in VSC.

NPF Safmar was established on the basis of three pension funds, which controls Shishkhanov: NPF “European pension Fund” NPF regionfond NPF and the “Education and science”. The amount of pension assets under management of the Fund Safmar is 185.6 bn RUB, including 177,3 billion rubles of pension savings.

He did not rule out that for increasing the capitalization of the company “Europlan” can spend additional placing of shares on the Moscow stock exchange until the end of 2016. However, after additional placement of shares of “Evroplan” group “Safmar” will remain its majority shareholder, he said.

“We hope to complete the main part of the deal before the New year. The organizer is VTB Capital”, — said Shishkhanov.