More than 120 thousand Bank employees lost their jobs during the crisis

According to Rosstat, analyzed , the number of employees of large and medium-sized banks in the first half amounted to 717 thousand, down compared to the 2015, 52 thousand people. “While the average annual figure for 2015 was more than 769 thousand people, whereas in 2014 it was equal to 835 thousand people,” — said the Deputy head of the Federal service of state statistics Constantine Likes.

Thus, in 2.5 years of large and medium-sized banks were fired about 120 thousand people, or about 15% of Bank employees. For comparison, the total number of employed in the country in June 2016, according to Rosstat, amounted to more than 72,67 million people, or nearly 1.14 million people (or 1.6%) more compared with the average value 2014 Thus in connection with the layoffs in the banking sector has lost jobs every 640 th the working people.

The number of employed in financial activities and real estate in June 2016, compared to January 2015 decreased by nearly 2.6%. At the same time, for example, the number of people employed in the production of electricity and gas decreased by 13.5% (from 2.47 million to 2.14 million), and in agriculture grew by 17.1% — from 4.49 million to 5.26 million people.

Banks less

Experts believe that Rosstat statistics correlated with the overall reduction in the number of credit institutions in the Russian Federation and decrease of credit activity of the population. “Part 15-percent reduction of Bank employees is due to closure of banks. Equally it is dictated by the decline in retail business of banks in General. The Russian population was significantly leveraged in those years, there were people who had multiple loans. Many banks are not even threatened with the revocation of the license, has reduced its activity in the retail business and accordingly have closed our offices,” says analyst BCS Olga Naydenova.

In addition, according to her, the reduction in the number of Bank employees contributed to the transition calculations on remote channels. “This is a very significantly reduces the load on operators and the need for offices. Even in terms of growth in retail, we will likely see a further reduction in the number of branches,” — said Naidenov.

According to the Bank, if at the end of 2014 in Russia there were nearly 42 thousand structural subdivisions of banks, as of September 1, 2016, they left about 35 thousand That is has been reduced more than 7 thousand branches.

“Statistics of Rosstat reflects rather the optimisation of existing banks related to the closure of branches and offices, reduction of excess staff due to the narrowing of the business,” agrees the analyst of Raiffeisenbank Denis Poryvai. — The reduction in the number of banks has contributed to the reduction in Bank employees”.

According to ASV, 2014 first half of 2016 was eliminated 179 banking organizations, 31 of which Bank for the first half of 2016 For the 2014-2015 28 completed takedowns. In addition, sanitation was subjected to 32 organizations (2 Bank in the first half of 2016). “According to the report of ASV as a result of the liquidations of the banks in 2014 it was dismissed 14.5 thousand employees, and in 2015 — 18 thousand,” said Poryvai.

According to the National Bureau of credit histories, most of all, banks have reduced activity in the area of retail loans in 2015, If on January 1, 2015, a credit institution issued to the population of retail loans in the amount of 10.94 trillion rubles, on January 1, 2016, this figure fell to 10.35 trillion, and on 1 July to 10.31 trillion rubles Especially reduced unsecured loan (from 1 January 2015 to 1 July 2016 to 19.6%) and car loans (5.2 percent).

The growth of “market candidates”

Experts of personnel agencies believe that the figure fired during this period, Bank employees could be more. “The decline has certainly occurred and, in my opinion, it was more significant than according to Rosstat. The greatest reduction took place in large cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg,” — said General Director of ProfiStaff Irina Nikulina.

According to the company HeadHunter, the number of vacancies in the banking sector in Moscow in 2015, compared to 2014 decreased by 15%. In the whole labor market of Moscow, the reduction of vacancies did not exceed 13% and in Russia as a whole reached 7%.

“In recent years increased dramatically “candidates ‘ market” in the banking sector. Among the reasons — the withdrawals, reduced activity of foreign banks”, — said General Director of the Recruitment boutique S. M. Art by Anastasia Glebova.

At the same time, serious difficulties were faced by employees of banks, whose licenses were revoked, the Central Bank, experts say recruitment agencies. “To find job candidates from banks with revoked licenses is much more difficult, especially if to speak about the employees compliance, internal audit, employees responsible for countering the legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way, and terrorism financing, key accounting staff and risks. And once in the “black list” of the Central Bank, to find a job then a degree is almost not possible,” said Glebova.

Similar situation with candidates from the “black list” of the Central Bank and personnel Agency “yuniti”. “People who have retired from banks with a suspended license and took up the post as agreed, the Central Bank can not get same position, they need to restore the reputation. Candidates who wish to continue working in the banking sector are on the decline and they are more difficult to find a job,” said Zlobin.

Nikulina from ProfiStaff reminded that in accordance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia when applying for a job in credit institutions senior and middle managers is the qualification and business reputation of candidates. Thus, the revocation of the Bank can be an obstacle to future employment candidates in the banking sector.

According to her, the tension in the labor market in the banking sector persists and now. “There is a tendency to toughening of requirements of employers from the banking sector to the candidates who worked in liquidated banks and less important positions. For example, a very carefully select the candidates in the internal control and risk management, as well as in the direction of it and especially information security. While line staff, is not affected,” — said Nikulin.

New horizons

Most of the dismissed Bank employees managed to find jobs, but often not the profile, experts say. “Some employees had to change the area, some moved to less responsible positions. The higher the position occupied by the applicant, the greater the time occupied, or the job search,” — said Nikulin.

According to the head of group of selection of personnel Agency “yuniti” Stanislav Zlobin, the easiest to retrain people selling banking products to corporate clients. From such candidates a universal experience that are in demand all financial institutions.

Experts see the largest number of candidates in the search in the corporate units of banks among professionals in the attraction and work with clients, as well as in retail sales, network development, product development, adds CEO Recruitment boutique S. M. Art.