Partner of trump in the election offered a tough response in Syria

As the Los Angeles Times, Pens a rather sharply responded about the latest developments in Syria. “The Russian provocations have to answer us by force,” — said the candidate in Vice-presidents from the Republican party. In particular, he stated the need to deploy elements of missile defense of the USA in Czechia and Poland, against what has always made Moscow.

“We need America demonstrated its strength on the world stage. And when Donald trump becomes President, Russian and all others will realize that they are dealing with a strong head of America,” promised Penny.

The Pens opponent Democrat Tim Kane tried to explain to the voters that trump has repeatedly praised President Vladimir Putin “secretly connected with the forces that support the President of Russia.” In addition, he reminded of the words of the Republican candidate, who once said that Putin is a better leader than Obama.

Pence responded that there is no doubt that “Vladimir Putin in the country is a stronger leader than Barack Obama in his”. “He’s stronger on the international arena”, — said the representative of the Republicans.

On the eve of Moscow’s position and criticized trump. Speaking at the rally in Arizona, he said that “Russia has violated the ceasefire agreement, this should put an end to and do it quickly.”