The government has approved short-term contracts with the military for spetszadach

The government Commission on legislative activities on Wednesday, October 5, approved a bill, the defense Ministry prepared in the framework of the decree of Vladimir Putin on further improvements to military service, which allows you to sign contracts from six months to a year to participate in operations abroad. The Commission’s decision published on the government website.

According to the draft, the military men passing military service by conscription, and reservists of the citizens will be able to participate “in the decision of problems” in times of emergency and to “maintain and restore peace and security” Leah’s fight against terrorism outside the territory of Russia.

Under emergency situations means the elimination of consequences of natural disasters, implementation of other emergency measures, as well as “restoring constitutional order”. However, to use the right contracts it is possible to suppress international terrorist activities abroad, as well as camping vehicles.

To enter into a contract under the project, will all the military men passing a military service, but not earlier than one month before the expiry of the service life. In addition to the military, the contract may conclude the citizens staying in a stock.

Now the soldiers, sergeants, sailors or petty officer may conclude the first contracts for two or three years. Officers, warrant officers or warrant officers conclude the first contracts for five years. A similar bill introduced “in connection with the intensification of the activities of international terrorist and extremist organizations.” The adoption of the new law, in the opinion of the Commission on legislative activities to raise troops and to create a consolidated and non-standard units that will in a short time manned.

The defense Ministry has posted the amendments to the Federal law in November of last year. The interlocutor of “Vedomosti” newspaper of the defense Ministry then explained that “now we are talking about its expansion to all types of armed conflict, including separately — in surgery, which takes place in Syria.” According to him, during the military reforms under the leadership of former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, some decisions have resulted in the “shortage of a number of military specialties”. “These bugs fixed, but new footage will be prepared soon, so the defense Ministry and has developed an amendment that will allow, if necessary, to recruit such people on short-term contracts,” claimed the source.

The adoption of this bill will also allow you to avoid the shortage of crews of ships entering into contracts with men who are in military service, told “Vedomosti” an officer of the Ministry of defense.

Moscow launched a military operation in Syria at the request of President Bashar al-Assad in September last year. In mid-March the Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of the main parts of the troops, because the main tasks that stood before the soldiers, he believed done. In Syria’s Prajna is the Russian aviation and military. On the eve of the defense Ministry confirmed the sending anti-aircraft missile system s-300. This installation, according to the statement of the official representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov, designed to ensure the security of its naval base in Syrian Tartus.

this order is valid only during emergencies, and to “maintain and restore peace and security” and fighting terrorism. The Commission’s decision published on the government website.