The most popular car of the deputies of the new Duma was Mercedes

As calculated, the most popular deputies of the State Duma of a new car — Mercedes-Benz. For example, the Deputy Iosif Kobzon have two of them, as the richest on the amount of contributions (over 9 billion) Nikolay Bortsova. 80 deputies indicated in the Declaration of the Toyota cars, to the third most popular place — Lexus (declared at 37 deputies).

In the Duma also sit more than a dozen owners of a Porsche Cayenne and a few lovers of motorcycles — Harley-Davidson has had a number of United Russia.

The richest Deputy of the state Duma, United Russia Arkhangelsk Andrey Palkin, 201 ownership of the vehicle, most of which are construction equipment.

On 5 October, the first meeting of the new Duma. analyzed income declarations and biographies of those who came to the lower house of Parliament for the first time, and those who confirmed the authority. Read more about business, real estate, cars new members, please read the study .