The Ukrainian foreign Ministry recommended to refrain from traveling to Russia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine recommended to the citizens to refrain from traveling to Russia because of “provocations by the Russian power structures”. The message published on the official website of the foreign Ministry. Kiev claims that Russia “has increased the number of unjustified detentions” of citizens of Ukraine. In the example of “illegal methods of physical and psychological effects, torture and other acts degrading human dignity”, as well as denial of access to lawyers and consuls to the Ukrainians.

Kiev believes that Moscow’s action could be considered as a violation of international law in the field of human rights and freedoms and international legal obligations in accordance with the Vienna Convention on consular relations 1963 and Consular Convention between Ukraine and the Russian Federation from 1994. In this regard, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine urges citizens to refrain from traveling to Russia and transit through the territory of the country.

On Saturday, October 1, Lefortovsky court of Moscow for two months was arrested by Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko on suspicion of espionage. This became known two days later, on October 3, and even then the representative of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Alexei Makeyev in Twitter warned about the risks of a visit to Russia. “The visit to Russia is dangerous for Ukrainians: [you can expect] arbitrary detention, provocations on the border and customs inspection, torture, non-admission of consuls” — he wrote.

After the detention of the Ukrainian journalist, the FSB said that he “purposefully collected state secret information on the activities of the Armed forces and of National guard troops of the Russian Federation, the leakage abroad could harm the defense of the state”. In relation Sushchenko investigators opened a criminal case under article 276 of the criminal code (espionage).

Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine, in its ocherd, said that Sushchenko is not his employee. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry expressed protest in connection with detention of the journalist, calling the arrest of the reporter of step “in a deliberate policy of the Russian Federation use of the Ukrainians, who find themselves in the hands of its authorities, as political hostages in their hybrid aggression against Ukraine.”

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the arrest of a Ukrainian, called it “the usual work of the special services.”