Google introduced its first smartphone Pixel

Google introduced its first smartphone Pixel

Moscow. 4 Oct. Google Inc., parent company Google Tuesday introduced its first smartphone completely designed, engineered and tested by the company, writes The Verge.

The smartphone has received the name of Pixel and Pixel XL and have a screen size of 5 and 5.5 inches, respectively. The device is equipped with a processor Snapdragon from Qualcomm 821 and 4 gigabytes of RAM. Google promises that charging for 15 minutes will be enough for 7 hours of standby.

And that’s a wrap! Say hello to the whole #madebygoogle family.

— Google (@google) 4 Oct 2016.

The smartphone also got the camera 12.3 megapixels, ranked 89 in the popular test for the quality of the photos DxOMark – the highest among smartphones. For comparison, the latest iPhone 7 received in the test 86 points, while its big brother iPhone 7 Plus has not been tested.

Owners of devices will receive access to the virtual assistant Google Assistant is able to answer the question, book a table in the restaurant or show you want, and the built-in synchronization with cloud storage, Google Photos with unlimited storage.

Before Google developed the Nexus devices, but did so in conjunction with other companies, including LG and Huawei.