Analysts said the reduction in the territory ISIS by 28% from January 2015

Controlled “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia), the territory decreased by 28% compared to January 2015, when the group occupied the largest area. Such data led analysts IHS, reports “Bi-bi-si”.

For the first nine months of this year, ISIS has lost 12.5 thousand sq. m. site. Now militants control about 65.5 thousand square meters in Syria and Iraq. However, as of July this year the territorial losses only amounted to 2.8 thousand sq. m. Analysts at IHS noticed that this coincided with the reduction of the Russian “air strikes on is positions”.

“Territorial losses “Islamic state”, starting in July, are relatively modest in scope, but unprecedented in their strategic importance,” emphasizes a senior analyst at IHS Conflict Monitor, Columbus Strake.

He argues that the loss of direct access routes in Turkey, significantly limits the panel’s ability to recruit fighters from abroad. At the same time, the Iraqi government is ready to begin its offensive in Mosul, emphasizes the analyst.

In early October, an Iraqi official promised that the operation in Mosul will be “sudden and rapid”. The terrorists seized the city in the summer of 2014, and since then his control. “Bi-bi-si” describes it as “the last Bastion” for ISIS in Iraq. His successful assault would mean virtually the end for the terrorists in the country, reports the publication.

In late September The Wall Street Journal, citing official sources reported that U.S. commanders have asked the authorities to send to Iraq an additional unit consisting of 500 people to participate in the operation to liberate Mosul. Now there are already 4400 American military. The white house declared that American parts are in Iraq as advisers and not involved in the fighting. However, soldiers armed with
and have the right to defend themselves.