Lavrov accused the U.S. threats to Russia’s security

Statement on Russian-American relations, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov made in the program “Sunday time” on the “First channel”, informs the Agency “RIA Novosti”. According to him, the United States make aggressive moves that affect Russia’s national interests and threaten the security of the country.

“We have recorded a fundamental change of circumstances in regard to aggressive Russophobia, which now underlies the policy of the United States against Russia. It is not just about rhetorical Russophobia and aggressive steps, which really hurt our national interests, jeopardize our security,” Lavrov said. With these steps, the Minister described the approach of NATO’s military infrastructure to the Russian borders, as well as sanctions, which he also called “hostile acts.”

Commenting on the situation in Syria, Lavrov called “dangerous games”, the “leak” about the possible application of U.S. strikes on airfields of the Syrian air force. “This is a very dangerous game, given that Russia, being in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government of this country, and having there two bases – one a military air base in Hamima and e & p, Russian Navy in Tartus, there is air defenses to protect our facilities,” – said Lavrov.

The foreign Minister stressed that Russia had long exercised “strategic patience” regarding action of Washington. While Lavrov said that the deterioration of relations with the US began long before the events in Ukraine.