Putin refused to believe in the decline of the era of hydrocarbons

Speaking at the world energy Congress in Istanbul, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the real reason for statements about the decline of the era of hydrocarbons is not.

“In an environment of falling oil prices more than twice as many said that the hydrocarbon era comes to a close, we must now completely shift to alternative energy sources. I think the real reason for such far-reaching conclusions yet. In any case, yet”, — quotes Putin “RIA Novosti”.

According to the President, the demand for oil and gas continues to grow, although not as rapidly as before. “The demand for traditional energy resources supported not only by the motorization and electrification of such large economies as China, India and some other countries, but the continued penetration of products for oil – and gas chemistry in different spheres of human life, in industrial processes,” explained his point of view the President of Russia.

Earlier, public attention was attracted by a dispute between the energy Ministry and the head of Sberbank German Gref about the likelihood of imminent exhaustion of oil and gas reserves. Gref in the program “Pozner” said the Russian economy should be prepared for the end of the “century of oil and gas” reserves that can be exhausted after six decades. “We are talking about when we have this monoproduct can end. In my opinion, this is about 2028-2032 years, when, in my opinion, not the fact that I’m right — all the feelings, all the trends that we see today will not be a repeat of this supershareware cycle. Need to prepare for it,” said Gref.

As the opponent acted as Deputy head of the energy Ministry Kirill Molodtsov, who said that existing oil and gas reserves Russia will be enough for at least another 40-50 years.

In the spring of 2016, the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy said that the proven oil reserves of Russia, even while maintaining high production volumes will last until 2044. At the same time, he warned that in recent years the total volume of reserves increases, the share of tight oil production, and therefore it is necessary to intensify the search for and exploration of new deposits.