Trump has threatened Clinton prison in case of a victory on elections

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump said that Hillary Clinton “would be in prison” if he were President of the United States. This statement trump made during a televised debate with Clinton in St. Louis, Missouri, which caused a revival of the public.

On cue, Clinton’s about right that the US is not a judges temperament trump, a Republican, replied: “Yes, you would be in jail.”

‘You’d be in jail’: Trump to Clinton. LIVE #debate coverage:

— Reuters Live (@ReutersLive) 10 Oct 2016

Trump also added that in case of his election victory he will give to the attorney General a request to initiate an investigation of Clinton’s actions regarding the scandal with the personal correspondence.

“If I win, I will I will instruct the attorney General to investigate your situation,” said trump.

In the night of Monday trump and Clinton carried out for the second televised debate. This time before the match, the opponents shake hands.