Media compared the cancellation of Putin’s visit to Paris with the moments of the cold war

The French newspaper Le Monde described the situation surrounding the cancellation of the visit to Paris of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his meeting with his French counterpart Francois Hollande, the atmosphere of the cold war, “at least in the context of the rhetoric” leaders. The newspaper says that relations between Russia and the West has never been so strained since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989.

Earlier on Tuesday it became known that Putin canceled his visit to Paris and meeting with Hollande, which was scheduled for October 19. As stated by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the decision was made because of the program of Putin’s visit to the French capital fell to the scheduled event. Putin is ready to pay a visit Hollande, “when it will be comfortable for the President of France,” added Sands. Before Hollande said that he doubted tselesoobraznosti meeting with Putin over Syria.

Le Monde notes that in recent years Putin develops “obsessive antipasto” theme, according to which Russia is surrounded by enemies, and Americans and Europeans are concerned only to prevent the transformation of Russia into a great power.

“The diplomacy of Barack Obama often tells us otherwise, but Putin strengthens his position, explaining each of the conflicts in Georgia, Ukraine and the far East — a conspiracy of the West” — writes Le Monde.

“Strengthening your boundaries on all fronts, Putin shows his strength as the enemy,” the newspaper said. “It’s more like a diplomacy of the teenager who shielded and reflected,” sums up Le Monde.

Le Fagaro notes that the bombing of Aleppo worsened relations between Russia and France, which has worsened in 2014 after the start of the crisis in Ukraine and the cancellation of the supply of “Mistral”. The apogee of diplomatic confrontation between Russia and the West, according to the newspaper, was the veto of Moscow imposed on the proposed French resolution for a ceasefire in Aleppo, which was supported by 11 of the 15 members of the UN security Council.

Le Point also brings the words of the Director of the French Institute of international relations Thomas Gomara, who calls Putin’s visit to Paris “difficult” from the point of view of the image, because Paris had “officially make the Russian leader after his army shelled Aleppo”. In this case, said Gomar, Russian diplomacy tried to portray Putin as a major player in the international arena.

Director election campaign marine Le Pen David Rachlin, quoted by Le Point, said that is the diplomatic role of France in the Syrian question and the absence of any responsibilities in Paris to be “on the same wavelength with Vladimir Putin”. Rachlin also noted the need to discuss the situation in Syria by Bashar al-Assad.

France Soir quoted the head of a group of Republicans in the French National Assembly Christian Jacob, who criticized Hollande for refusing to meet with Putin. “In a time when we need to speak frankly with Russia, us show diplomatic operetta with prezidentom, who tells us about his feelings. It’s upsetting,” said Jacob.

On Saturday, October 8 at the UN Security Council Russia vetoed a draft resolution on Syria submitted by France. On the eve of the vote, Hollande warned that the country, which will inhibit the French resolution, “discreditied in the eyes of the world.”