Reuters reported the failure of Putin’s visit to France

The meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Francois Hollande will take place in Paris on 19 October, as planned. About it reports Reuters, citing a source in France.

According to the source, Putin did not agree to discuss during the meeting the Syrian issue.

The day before, 10 October, Hollande himself said that he doubted the feasibility of negotiations with Putin. “I may meet with Vladimir Putin. I asked myself a question [on this account]”, he said in an interview with TMC. The journalist asked for clarification as to whether in view of the French President that the possible cancellation of the talks, to which Hollande replied: “I asked myself: is it useful, do we really need this, will there be some impact? If you can do something that will be able to stop what he [Putin] is doing with the Syrian regime? That is, the support of the air forces of the regime that dropped bombs on Aleppo residents? So I ask myself the question, whether to accept Vladimir Putin. And if I meet him I’ll tell him that this is unacceptable and seriously affects the image of Russia”.

Commenting on the announcement of Hollande, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Putin continues to prepare for the visit to Paris. “Other information from our French colleagues we have not, and outcome of this” — said on the eve of the Sands.