The Fund Navalny found “cottage FSB General” at the state border

The Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny claims that a full namesake of the Deputy head of the border service of FSB of Russia General-Colonel Nikolay Kozik owns the cottage, which is located in the area of engineering and technical installations on the state border with Finland. A new investigation published in the blog of Navalny.

Representatives of the FCO found the buildings in the place, which, they claim, refers to the area of engineering facilities in the Russian-Finnish border, after analyzing satellite images and photos of Google Maps. The blog also published an extract from Rosreestr, from which it follows that FBK discovered a land area of 6.6 thousand square meters belongs to Kozik, Nikolay Vladimirovich.

FBC notes that the name, surname and patronymic coincide with the data of the Deputy chief of the FSB border service of Russia, responsible for protecting the state border.

Foundation staff point out that we are talking about the area of engineering structures with a width of 2-3 km located near the state border. According to the law, noted in the investigation, the land in the area of engineering structures withdrawn from civil circulation.

In the center of public relations of FSB of Russia was unavailable for comment.