The Prime Minister of Luxembourg proposed to punish the voters by closing the borders of the EU

At the conference in Paris Bettel considered that the EU countries would cost for 24 hours to close the inner boundary, so the shock method to make the voters appreciate the convenience of movement without visas, according to Bloomberg.

“If you close the border for a day, then people will understand what it means to stand for two hours at the border to get from France to Italy or Spain. For one day, to see how people live outside of the European Union”, – explained his position Bettel.

“What I’m saying, of course it sounds awful. But it would be good to let people understand all of this”, he added.

Bettel also said that the EU must firmly adhere to the position that if the UK were to leave the Union, it is necessary to start the formal procedure of separation.

“The British want to keep the cake and eat it too. While they were in the EU, they thought about getting him to leave. When they decided to leave, thinking about how to stay. But we are not in Facebook. You can’t set the status to “it’s complicated” (is divorced or married).

Bettel also said that if Britain leave the EU and will not feel any inconvenience in this regard, the referendums on the output you can expect in other countries.