The United States suspected Russia in the transfer of the stolen data to Wikileaks

Us government officials, names and positions are not to be identified, told CNN that there is a persistent belief that Russia is using WikiLeaks to distribute information stolen by hackers from the election campaign staff of Hillary Clinton.

The reason for such assumptions was the fact that WikiLeaks continues to publish the letter head of the election campaign of Democrats John Podestà, which hackers got hold of when hacking his e-mail. According to the interlocutor of CNN, while intelligence officials are studying how related to Russia and WikiLeaks, but they believe that Moscow was behind the revelations.

Comments from WikiLeaks, the us broadcaster could not be obtained. The founder of the site of the revelations, Julian Assange has repeatedly denied that he is somehow cooperating with the Russian authorities.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in an interview with CNN denied any interference of Moscow in the election campaign in the United States. He called such accusations “ridiculous”.

The foreign Minister also drew attention to the fact that Washington had not provided “any evidence, no facts” in favor of the fact that Moscow actually intervened in the election process.

In early October, U.S. authorities accused Russia of involvement in the cyber attacks on the networks of the Democratic party and “interference with the election process in the United States.” The White house promised to give them “a proportionate response”.