Authorities have found a way to save on pensioners another 55 billion rubles.

Government Commission on legislative activities endorsed the proposal of the Ministry of labour not to promulgate the law on insurance pensions, which involves a rapid increase in fixed portion of pensions to rural residents who have worked in agriculture for 30 years and more, said two members of the Commission meeting (held on Monday, October 10). The labour Ministry proposes to freeze the law for three years — until January 1, 2020. If the initiative is approved by the government, it will be submitted to the state Duma, which normally supports the government’s proposal.

The rule of law, which proposes to postpone the Ministry of labor, implies an annual increase of 25% fixed portion of old age benefits and disability for rural pensioners with more seniority. According to the law on insurance pensions, the norm was to come into force from 1 January 2016, but then its action was suspended due to a difficult economic situation.

The size of fixed payments to insurance pensions in General, which by law must be indexed annually for inflation of the previous year, for the same reason in 2016 was increased only by 4% (although inflation in 2015, 12.9%). As a result, the size of this payment is now 4559 RUB.

If the law on the accelerated increase in payments to rural pensioners began to act in time, the fixed fee for them this year would have amounted to almost 5.7 thousand RUB By the year 2020, a fixed payment to the “rural” of a pension would have to increase 2.5 times — up to 11,1 thousand rubles (excluding annual indexation for inflation).

“Deferred action”

The press service of the Ministry of labor confirmed the training initiative. The rate of increase in fixed payments to rural pensioners “is in fact pending measure”; the draft law of the Ministry of labor “actually keeps the legislation in force today”, said the press service of the request . Another postponement of the entry into force of the law to increase the fixed payment of pensions to rural residents already included in the draft budget of the Pension Fund (PFR), follows from the explanations of the press service.

Savings the Federal budget for the transfer of the FIU due to the stop of action of the law for the next three years the Ministry of labor estimated nearly 55 billion rubles — RUB 17.5 billion in 2017, RUB 18.3 billion in 2018 and RUB 19.1 bln in 2019, follows from the materials to the bill (have).

Against the bill were made by the Ministry of agriculture, is told in materials to the bill, controversy about the document were handled by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. The press service of the Ministry of agriculture did not offer any comments.

The initiative of the Ministry of labour has also criticized the Institute of legislation under the government and the chamber. Talking about the category of the citizens especially requiring social assistance, it includes the disabled of groups I and II, pointed out, in particular, the lawyers of the Institute of legislation. “Socio-political point of view, the extension of the deadline (freeze law. — .) it is not entirely convincing”, they say. The chamber has urged not to introduce a bill to the state Duma before the introduction of the draft Federal budget for 2017-2019.

Pensions many people touch the bill of the Ministry of labor do not reach the subsistence minimum of a pensioner, the authorities have to pay them to bring the size of their benefits to the minimum wage, drew the attention of the Federal official. As a result, no budget savings from the freeze of the law may not be able to: payments to subsistence minimum to pensioners can be spent more than the annual increase in fixed payments of 25%. The press service of the Ministry of labor on the question of the method of calculating budget savings did not answer.

As patch of the pension hole

This is not the first decision of the Russian authorities aimed at saving the budget of the Pension Fund. Earlier, the government refused to condicionat in 2016, the pensions of all Russian pensioners, replacing doindeksatsii lump-sum payment in 5 thousand rubles While in 2017 this payment will cost the budget more doindeksatsii (221 billion rubles) for three years, the Treasury will save up to 850 billion rubles, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Lavrov. The fact that the lump sum will not be taken into account in the indexation of pensions in 2017 — they will be increased by the amount, which was reached by February 2016. Subsequent indexation received by pensioners amount (and budget savings) will increase.

Even though the payment was promised to the Russian pensioners living abroad the citizens of Russia don’t get it.

Earlier the authorities at least three years to cancel the annual indexation of pensions to working pensioners. In addition, last summer the government approved the draft law of the Deputy-United Russia Raisa Karmazin, offering for working pensioners the transaction — failure while working from a small annual increase in pension (other than indexation) in exchange for its maximum possible increase after termination of employment. Karmazin has estimated the potential budget savings from this decision for 2017 at 12 billion rubles.