The foreign Ministry called “shouting at the market” threat to the United States on the cyber attack

Moscow with anxiety and concern the perceived threats from Washington about a cyber attack on Russia. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, reports “Interfax”. “For us it is alarming and of great concern, because Russia has turned into a map that plays out in the election campaign of the Americans,” he said.

The Deputy head of the Ministry noted that “the new portion of threats to the us by surprise not catch, and the more we can under these threats “SAG”. “It’s not even as “megaphone diplomacy”, because no diplomacy is not here — it’s just the sound on the market. We this cry will not take and will not be intimidated,” — said Ryabkov.

On the question of whether to consider the statements of Washington as an attempt of simple blackmail, he replied: “unfortunately, the [from the Washington. —] you can expect all the most dramatic solutions, because, as practice shows, there relationship with Russia is a means of achieving specific political goals.” In this situation, said Deputy foreign Minister, “we are talking about how to play along on a particular side of the political field and to increase the chances of one of the candidates for the election”.

According to Ryabkov, Moscow “does not see even a hint of understanding that the American side is aware of the seriousness of such actions.” “And this despite our repeated appeals to the US administration and its leadership to assess the situation, assess what’s at stake, and to understand the extent of its responsibility,” he added.

On the proposal of the Russian side to hold an expert consultation in the field of cybersecurity and representatives of relevant agencies of the United States “not confirmed their interest,” said Ryabkov. “It is more profitable and probably more interesting to deal with this increase in temperature,” he said.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that the accusations about cyber attacks Russia on the servers of American political structures “speak from scratch”, recalled Deputy foreign Minister. “But if now the charges are moving Americans to the threats, it means that they have not enough political will to solve the problems in the relationship with us, including those not associated with the cyber sphere and some hacking”, — concluded the diplomat.

Earlier NBC News reported that the CIA is preparing a secret cyberaction against Russia in response to “alleged Russian interference in the American presidential elections.”

Vice President Joe Biden in response to a journalist’s question, why is the us government still has not responded to a hacker attack, noted that the United States send “a signal to [Russian President Vladimir Putin. —]”. He noted that the US “has the possibility to do it [respond to cyber attacks, which, as in the United States, made to the Russian authorities. — ] and the signal will be filed”.

The Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov in this regard, stated that cyberattacks, which prepared the US, followed by the answer. “It’s already on the verge of rudeness. Moreover, reference to specific officials of the Russian leadership,” he said.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said that action will be taken with precaution and called US threats is unprecedented. “The fact that the growing unpredictability and aggressiveness of the United States of America, such threats to Moscow and the leadership of our state is unprecedented, because the threat voiced at the level of Vice-President of the United States, and, of course, against the background of such aggressive lines, unpredictable lines we have to take measures to protect interests, to hedge their risks”, — said Peskov.

Wikileaks, commenting on the publication of NBC News, questioned the seriousness of the planned attacks. A former employee of the national security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden has published a tongue-in-cheek comment in his Twitter: “I Have the impression that nobody said Vice President Joe Biden, meaning “secret operation”.