Media reported about the plans of Japan to persuade Putin to accept a plan for the Kuril Islands

As reported by Reuters, citing the Nikkei newspaper, Japan believes that the introduction of Russia jointly with the administration over the four South Kuril Islands will allow you to break the deadlock on the situation with the disputed territories. Prime Minister Abe hopes to persuade President Putin to start the relevant negotiations during the meeting between the two leaders, scheduled for December 15.

According to the publication, the Japanese expect to establish joint control over the Islands of Kunashir and Etorofu, hoping that the Habomai and Shikotan they get fully.

Last month, Abe has said in Parliament that he intends to resolve the territorial dispute and to end the “abnormal situation when the country for 71 years after the end of World war II are unable to conclude a peace Treaty”.

September 2, Putin and Abe discussed the issue of a peace Treaty. Then the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Tokyo for the first time expressed interest in joint economic activities on the Islands are de facto part of Russia’s Sakhalin oblast. Now we sense the readiness of Japanese partners to discuss issues related to joint economic activity on the Islands, and not only related to joint economic activities, but also issues relating to exchanges between people,” — said the foreign Minister.

In turn, Putin emphasized that Russia “isn’t in the territories,” but expressed hope for finding a solution in which none of the parties will not feel or losers or losers”.