The med saw a reason to raise the credit rating of Russia

Indicators of development of the economy give every reason for the Agency Fitch upgraded Russia’s investment rating. About it as transfers TASS, said the representative of Ministry of economic development on the eve of the announcement of the results of the revision of the rating Agency. Fitch remains the only Agency which has assigned Russia an investment grade, the other two largest player of this market — Moody’s and s&P has assigned the Russian state securities speculative level.

“In our opinion, there are grounds for increasing the rating of Russia. Based on dynamics of the Russian Eurobonds, investors have long appreciated Russia as a country with investment grade rating,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The last time Fitch has revised the rating of Russian securities in April. Then, the Agency has confirmed the investment rating of Russia to investment level BBB-, but with a negative Outlook. Then the Agency analysts pointed out the weakening of the external risks in the previous 12 months, in particular, the threat of sharp reduction of foreign exchange reserves. Among the negative factors for the Russian economy, the Agency called the change in the trade balance, depreciation of the real exchange rate of the ruble and low oil prices.

Experts Fitch, in April, also warned that the September elections to the State Duma will not make major changes in the political situation, “because the ruling party is expected to retain a majority in Parliament”.