The white house has threatened financial sanctions in response to cyber attacks from Russia

One of the possible responses to cyber attacks and attempts to undermine the political system of the United States, which the White house accuses Russia may be the imposition of financial sanctions, said the official representative of the White house Josh Ernest.

He reiterated that the administration of President Barack Obama looking for a “proportional” response to cyber attacks, but said that this response may not be limited to actions against computer networks and infrastructure, and to be from an entirely different sphere.

“The range of responses available to the President, is not limited to cybersphere, there are other retaliatory measures, including financial sanctions,” he said.

He also noted that, whatever the choice is not made the President Barack Obama administration does not plan to report on the planned steps in this matter in advance.

Before October 15, NBC News, citing intelligence sources reported that the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) has begun to develop a secret cyberactive against Russia. The sides of the channel said then that in the course of preparation for the operation of intelligence agencies are developing ways to compromise and choose the target of attack.

The operation is being developed in response to the “alleged involvement of Russia in American presidential elections.” According to sources, it organizes the command electronic intelligence Center, the CIA, composed of hundreds of employees, with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars. According to current and former officials, the CIA must submit to the White house options for large-scale underground operations, the purpose of which is to create problems, “the Kremlin leadership” to bring it “confusing”.