Mother Pichugin appealed to Putin with a request to pardon son

The mother is the former chief of security service of Yukos, Alexei Pichugin, convicted for life, wrote an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Open letter of Alla Pichugina asking pardon of the son published “Novaya Gazeta”.

It Pichugin said that her son “did not play and isn’t playing any political games,” and is “a very private public man who was not going and not going with anyone to fight and sue”.

“My son is guilty of only one fact of his working life — he worked in YUKOS,” writes Pichugin and calls the story of his son, “a story of true human tragedy”.

In his message, the woman indicates that her son give family visits, and “just talking through the glass twice a year.” “And all these 13 years I can’t even put his hand on the shoulder of his son, not what to embrace,” writes Pichugin.

In her letter she also drew attention to the situation with the rejection of the petition, which was forwarded to the President her son. “Even my son’s petition for clemency, addressed in accordance with the Constitution, You did not reach You <…> That has officially confirmed even Your dear press Secretary,” wrote a woman.

Pichugin said that her son’s release “is not able anyone to infringe”. “It is high time to return home, to reunite with family. Please have mercy on my son!”, — she asked.

Pichugin sentenced to life imprisonment on charges in a series of murders and assassinations, filed a petition for clemency to the President in the fall of 2015.

In June of this year it became known that Potugin got him a waiver. As told by his lawyer Ksenia Kostromina, the exemption document was signed by the Governor of the Orenburg region Yuri Berg, in which the colony “Black Dolphin”, where he was serving a sentence Pichugin. Motives which was the reason for refusal, the document does not contain, said Kostromina.