Russia will host the first public offering of shares of the NPF

Financial group “the Future”, combining the NPF Boris mints, will hold a public float of non-state pension funds on the Moscow stock exchange, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the CEO of the group Marina Rudneva.

“This is the first experience of market placement of the shares representatives of the pension business. Sure that the timing is more than successful,” she said.

The organizers will be “VTB Capital” and “Aton”. FG plans to sell up to 20% of its shares. The order book will be open on 20 and 21 October and closes in late October — early November.

PJSC “Financial group “the Future” in April it was converted from LLC “Ruwer” was founded in April 1998. Is the sole owner of NPF “Future”, “URALSIB”, “Education”, “Our future” and 98,86% “Telecom-Soyuz”. The company has two shareholders, the largest (99,9955%) — Cyprus company Rencetlo Investments Limited, a controlling person which is the owner of O1 Group Limited the Wrestlers mints.

“We expect that buyers of the stock FG “Future” will be both physical persons, and institutional investors, banks. Buyers can make and pension funds working with the reserves,” — said a member of the Board of Directors of FG Igor mints.

Other placement options will be determined in the course of premarketing and book building. According to Mintz, the group’s funds to buy its securities under the placement will not. All proceeds will be directed to the development of the pension business, he said.

Kommersant drew attention to the fact that according to the statements of NPF in accordance with IFRS, the financial result from retirement of the largest group funds — NPF “the Future” last year “was far from brilliant”. In particular, the Fund ended the year with a loss of 3.7 billion rubles. a Little better was its performance on the profitability from placement of pension savings (-0,04% per annum up to six months) and reserves (-6,3% per annum).

The felicity of this experience is dependent on many factors, said the respondents “Merchant” experts. According to the analyst of “ALOR Broker” Kirill Yakovenko themselves kidnapped, not very interesting for a potential purchaser of shares, however, the panel “the Future” — in the orbit of O1 Group Boris mints, so “someone is going to invest under this name, some based on the improved financial results of the NPF and the situation in the property development business.” Much will depend on the financial results for this year, said Yakovenko.

Time to market the accommodation not chosen very well, said the head of Department of retail sales of “solid-Management” Sergey Zvenigorodsky. Buyers can be other groups of NPF and related construction and financial companies, however, “the discount will be large,” he said.