The rebels refused to leave Aleppo after the cessation of air strikes

Based in Aleppo, the rebels said’s refusal to leave the city. Earlier, Russia announced the termination of air strikes on Aleppo for the creation of humanitarian corridors to allow civilians and the militants would leave the city/

“Groups completely reject any output, it would mean surrender,” said he,” said Reuters said the high Commissioner based in Aleppo group “Fastack” Malachite Zakaria, Reuters reports.

According to the commander of the Islamist group “Ahrar al-sham” al-Faruk Abu Bakr, the rebels will continue to fight. “When we took up arms in the beginning of the revolution, to protect our people, we swore not fold it until this criminal regime will not be overthrown,” said Abu Bakr, who is now in Aleppo. “In Aleppo there are no terrorists,” he said.

The opposition in Eastern Aleppo have repeatedly stressed that their retained part of the city there are groups associated with “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), or inspired by her, reminds Reuters.

Earlier Tuesday, the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that from 10:00 Russian and Syrian air force to cease strikes on Aleppo, to October 20, there have earned humanitarian corridors, which the city would be able to leave civilians, the wounded and the militants.