SC opened a criminal case after the attack on the citizens of the DPRK on the FSB

As reports a press-service of far East investigatory management on transport of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation, the incident that took place on 15 October in the sea of Okhotsk qualified will be investigated under article of Part 1 of article 318 of the Russian criminal code. The victims it will be considered two border guards who were attacked North Korean fishermen. One of them recorded bruised head wound and a concussion, another had a closed fracture of the right foot.

During the inspection of a ship from North Korea on Board managed to find items that can be a weapon: knives, batons, crowbars, sticks stuffed with nails.

At the end of last week, Russian border guards stopped the ship “Mae young 10”

which went under the flag of Korea. It turned out that his crew was engaged in illegal catching of seafood in the Russian territorial waters. On Board the schooner were landed patrol, however, the team from the DPRK tried to escape and go into their territory.

The schooner was fired at from a machine gun, with the result that nine members of her crew were injured and one later died.

The arrested team members have been moved to the Russian border ships and sent to Nakhodka. With them now investigative actions are carried out.