Media reported about the shooting at fleeing Aleppo civilians

Militants groups “Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham” (previously called “al-Nusra”, banned in Russia organization) and “Ajras al-sham” conduct aimed fire on those who decided to leave Aleppo, where from eight in the morning declared valid by the Russian military mode “humanitarian pause,” according to Al-Mayadeen. The channel refers to their correspondents who are on the scene. According to them, came under fire as civilians and fighters who agreed to lay down their arms. The firing is conducted including rocket launchers and sniper weapons.

The correspondent of the TV channel claims that even before the militants threatened to burn the house of those who will take advantage of the offer to leave the city during the “humanitarian pause”.

The Syrian army maintains the ceasefire, emphasizes the channel.

Al Mayadeen broadcasts in Arabic from Beirut and sympathetic to Syrian authorities, calling opponents of the regime of Bashar al-Assad terrorists and fighting against them the anti-terrorist operation.

That the terrorists fired on a humanitarian corridor in the area of Bustan al-Qasr in Eastern Aleppo, according to the correspondent of “RIA Novosti”, which is located in Aleppo. According to him, the fire from mortars and small arms, exploded six minutes Distance from positions of militants to the exit of a humanitarian corridor is less than 200 meters, said the Agency.

In the area of humanitarian corridors in the North of Aleppo, the Castello, the situation is calm, reports “RIA Novosti”, but the evacuation has not started yet. The Ministry of defence is going to broadcast live evacuation.

The Russian General staff stated that “humanitarian pause” will be extended by three hours until seven in the evening. Earlier the defense Ministry announced that the attacks of the Russian and Syrian aircraft in Aleppo is completely stopped in the morning on October 18.