The Czech Republic has established a unit to fight against “Russian propaganda”

The Minister of internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Milan khovanets, as reported by Reuters, has created a unit that will resist “the propaganda from Russia”, which affects public opinion in the European Union and the countries-members of NATO.

Subdivision, according to the Agency, consists of 20 people. His goal is “to dispel the misinformation in the public space” and “to train officers to respond to the misinformation.”

“We want to get into every smartphone”, — quotes Reuters the words of the Minister, said at a press conference. Hovanets explained that the new unit will have to react almost in real time on “various disinformation” using Facebook, Twitter and other “means of communication”.

In early September, the information security service of the Czech Republic (BIS) has published an annual report in which he accused Russia of conducting an information war. As noted by BIS, Russian intelligence officers operating mainly under diplomatic cover. The purpose of the “information war” service called penetration in the local media and spreading propaganda and disinformation to influence Czech public. The Agency also pointed to the Russia distribution of data, discrediting of the EU and NATO, and undermine the reputation of Ukraine, and attempts to undermine the Czech-Polish relations.

On 16 October the Financial Times, citing a senior diplomatic officer of the EU wrote that the EU leaders at the summit in Brussels on 20-21 October to discuss the secret intervention of Russia in the political processes in Europe. The sources said that the intelligence agencies of several countries have received evidence that Moscow may be involved in the financing of populist movements and extreme right parties.