The key White defendant in the case told Reuters on bribes to the former Governor

The owner of the Novovyatskiy ski plant (NLC) Yuri Sudheimer in an interview with Reuters told of how he bribed the former head of Kirov oblast Nikita Belykh. According to the businessman, because of the demands of the White he turned to the FSB.

As noted by Reuters, in 2010-2011, the NLC received a $14 million credit from Sberbank. Then the owner of NLK was businessman albert Lariccia. Collateral for the credit line opened in 2011 in the amount of 250 million rubles, became a hundred-meter extension to the Philharmonic hall and the kindergarten building in Kirov.

In an interview with Reuters Sudheimer said that in 2010 Lariccia asked him “modernization NLC” $40 million “in three years, he comes to me: “I can’t pay the debt”. Then I told him: “I can’t pay the debt, give the plant”, — says the businessman.

Sudheimer says he didn’t know about the NLK obligations to Sberbank and was surprised when Nikita Belykh has demanded the return of loans. According to the businessman, eks-the Governor of the Kirov region “had him cornered” their “requirements on loans” and “reminders about pledges”. In addition, according to Sudheimer, White demanded money “on elections” in 2014. In return, he promised to help NLC, however, this has not been done.

The businessman said that before the arrest of White in June 2016 this year, he twice gave him a bribe: €200 thousand in 2014 and through the intermediary of €50 thousand in may 2016. After that, according to the businessman, the ex-Governor again demanded money, this time €150 thousand to the “elections”. “I had no choice. I realized that this mess will never end and went in FSB” — he said.

Sudheimer claims that he personally went to the building of FSB on Lubyanka square in Moscow. “In a few weeks, the FSB officers explained Sudheimer how to carry treated spacestorm money in the bag so as not to dirty hands,” writes Reuters. In the end the money was transferred to White at the restaurant in the center of Moscow.

“There, in the restaurant, there was a moment when I thought Nikita to stop said Sudheimer. — Here before he took the bag, and I wanted to tell him — no, don’t take”. However, the businessman handed the White package, which besides the money was a bottle of wine. After that, the ex-Governor was detained by the security forces.

Reuters also learned that for several months before his arrest in Kirov was held a meeting of White with local entrepreneurs. According to sources, the seven agencies that were at the meeting, April 21 in the Banquet hall “Vyatka” was discussed a few projects that required extra-budgetary funding. Sources Reuters reported that the total cost of the projects was about 100 million rubles, “and White wanted to get the money from businessmen”.

To transfer this money White recommended that the businessmen use the Fund to support socially-economic projects “Vyatka”. The Director of Fund Andrey Usenko in an interview with Reuters said that on June 21 — three days before the arrest of the former Governor and White invited him to discuss the projects that were discussed in April.

“The Governor is very interested in how much of the money collected on the accounts of the Foundation. I said that small — only 3 million…. And where to take the money, it is not clear,” said Usenko.

Further, according to him, White said, “don’t worry, by the end of June the money will be transferred to the account”. A few days after that, he was arrested for waktu.

After the arrest in the center of Moscow at reception of a bribe in the amount of €400 thousand White explained the money needs of Kirov. However, according to investigators, at a Moscow restaurant, he received the next tranche of a bribe in exchange for help NLK and Forestry management company in the implementation of their investment projects.

A former Governor of the Kirov region did not recognize the allegations of bribery (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation — bribe reception in especially large size). Kommersant last week reported that, according to White, he raised money to repair the infrastructure of Kirov to the elections to the state Duma.