Trump has declared its readiness to recognize the election result in his victory

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump said that he is ready to accept the election results only if he wins. He said this, speaking at a rally to supporters in Ohio, reports CNN.

“I would take the net result of the election, but I also reserve the right to file a lawsuit for questionable results,” trump said (quoted by “bi-Bi-si”).

During a recent debate with his opponent from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton trump twice declined to answer the question, will he admit defeat in the elections. As he wrote to Politico, trump his behavior violated an unspoken tradition of accepting any outcome of elections, which is the stability of the American political system.

During the last televised debate before the election, trump and Clinton discussed the issue of reelection of the chief justice and the problems of migrants, abortion and international politics.

Clinton also called trump “a puppet” of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The Republican nominee reiterated that he is not familiar with Putin and added that the Russian leader “beat you [Clinton] and [current US President Barack] Obama in all aspects”.