Clinton was suspected of disclosing classified information to the debate

During the debate, the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton could tell a secret on the procedure of use of nuclear weapons in the country. About it reports Fox News.

During his speech, Clinton said that from the moment the order was given to launch nuclear weapons before the start it takes about four minutes.

Critics, including former intelligence operatives, who were interviewed by the TV channel, noted that such information is confidential. Former intelligence officers and military officials also added that, Clinton’s words can be regarded as a violation of security.

A former officer of the Navy stated that the information was voiced by Clinton, is “a direct violation of U.S. national security protocols, and primary legislation”. According to him, the US “no more secrets than those associated with our strategic nuclear deterrent”.

At the headquarters of the Clinton disagreed with the accusations against the candidate. One of her colleagues told Fox News that the procedure of launch of nuclear weapons has been repeatedly described in the press. In particular, minute-by-minute algorithm in the material Bloomberg explained scientist at Princeton University, Bruce Blair, who at one time was connected with the missile troops.

However, the source of Fox News, the US Navy responded that the speech of the scholar is not an excuse for a government official with access to military secrets, to disclose this information.

Secretary of defense Ashton Carter at a press conference in Washington refused to comment on the words of Clinton, explaining that not going to discuss issues related to race.

The last debate between Clinton and her opponent, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination Donald trump was held in Las Vegas in the night of Thursday, October 20.

In particular, candidates for U.S. President discussed Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. Clinton has accused the Russian government of spying for the Americans and transfer the received information to the WikiLeaks website. She also chided trump in its refusal to condemn Russia for the cyber attacks and called him a “puppet” of Putin.