Media reported about the role of Italy in the rejection of new sanctions against Russia

According to the FT on the inclusion of new sanctions in connection with the events in Aleppo in the final summit statement urged Germany, France and the UK. However, eventually won the point of view of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who said he did not understand how the new sanctions would contribute to establishing peace in Syria.

“I think that does not make sense to include in the final Declaration mention the sanctions,” – said Renzi.

In the result, the text was adopted, which stated that the EU “considers all the possible measures in case of continuation of the current atrocities”. The document States that the EU “strongly condemn the attacks of government forces and its allies – particularly Russia – on the civilian population in Syria.”

EU President Donald Tusk at the summit emphasized that “create tension” with Russia is not an EU objective. “We just react to the steps taken by Russia. Of course, the EU is always ready to dialogue, but we will not compromise your values and principles,” he said. “So we decided to stay the course and against all odds to preserve the unity of the European Union,” he added.