The UN has postponed medical evacuation from Aleppo

The UN has postponed medical evacuation from the Eastern part of Aleppo due to the lack of security guarantees, the Associated Press (AP).

According to Reuters, the UN still intend to use in Aleppo declared a “humanitarian pause” for the evacuation of the sick and injured and to deliver food and assistance. The UN wants to hold them on third and fourth day, but still waiting for security guarantees, said the humanitarian representative Jens Lerche.

Syria’s permanent representative at the Geneva headquarters of the UN Hussam Aala, in turn, said that the authorities gave the “green light” UN to conduct evacuations two days ago. He added that the government by waiting buses and ambulances, but the evacuation did not begin because of the militants who fire up humanitarian corridors and crossings.

From October 20 in Aleppo are “humanitarian pause”, introduced on the initiative of Russia. They should allow civilians and the wounded fighters to leave the Eastern part of the city, as well as to provide access to Aleppo medical staff. Initially it was planned that the first pause would last from 8:00 to 16:00, then it was decided to extend it for another three hours until 19:00.

The day “humanitarian pause” of the Ministry of defense of Russia broadcast on webcam of what is happening in the two main humanitarian corridors in real-time. When the operation for the withdrawal of civilians from Aleppo was in full swing, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the defense Ministry to extend a “humanitarian pause” for another day.

The Russian Military space forces and the Syrian government forces have stopped airstrikes on the city on October 18.

The situation in the Eastern part of Aleppo worsened after the breakdown of the ceasefire, which Russia and the United States agreed on 9 September. In mid-September in Aleppo was shelled a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian branch of the red Crescent society. In October, representatives of the rebels and activists have repeatedly reported about the strikes on social infrastructure, including schools and hospitals.