Trump spoke about the plans for the first 100 days of his presidency

The candidate in US presidents from Republican Party, Donald trump said, what problems it intends to solve in the first 100 days of presidency. About his plans he said, speaking in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Republican statement published on his official website.

Trump said he intends to renegotiate the North American free trade agreement and to withdraw the U.S. from the TRANS-Pacific partnership. He promised to abolish all “anti-constitutional actions of the Executive” adopted by the administration of incumbent President Barack Obama.

Candidate for U.S. President also assured that he intends to resolve the issue of illegal migrants and expressed willingness to fight terrorism. In particular, trump has offered to get two years in prison for those who repeatedly illegally crosses the U.S. border, and sentenced to five years in prison those who have committed serious crimes.

In addition, the billionaire said in his post he intends to fight corruption. As one of the measures he proposed to stop hiring all Federal employees except the military and working in the field of health officials. Trump also said that he intends to create about 25 million jobs in the United States by reducing taxes. He promised to cut taxes for the middle class and achieve economic growth of 4% per year.

Election of the presidents of the United States will take place in 17 days — 8 Nov. Rival trump is the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. The parties have repeatedly discussed the issues, which trump said in his speech at Gettysburg.

During the last telepatov trump and Clinton, in particular, raised the issue of illegal migrants. The Republican candidate said that “we will not have a country, if there is no border. We need a secure border, we need a wall, we will build”. His opponent from the Democrats argued with him, stating that the intention to deport from the United States illegal immigrants “will split the country”. “My plan is that reform will only affect criminals. But they need to be expelled from the country. I suggest a comprehensive reform,” Clinton said.

During the debates trump has gone from the answer to the question, will he admit defeat in the elections. Later, the billionaire said he was willing to accept the results of elections only in the event of his victory. American media wrote that their behavior trump has broken an unspoken tradition of accepting any outcome of elections, which is the stability of the political system of the United States.