Turkish Prime Minister said about the readiness to “take action” in Iraq

Turkey is ready to “take action” in Iraq, because the government is not satisfied with the promises Baghdad and the United States that the Kurdish and Shiite militias will not take part in the fighting in Mosul. This was stated by Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim, reports Reuters.

He explained that Turkey could not remain indifferent to the situation in Iraq, given the fact that the two countries border each other.

“Turkey cannot remain indifferent against the background of mass murder, a potential wave of refugees and clashes along the border, so it will take action if necessary,” said Yildirim.

Turkey is already involved in the military operation against ISIS (“Islamic States”, an organization banned in Russia), but the troops are in the North of Syria. The offensive in Mosul, in turn, began on 17 October. The Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi said that the attack on the city, which is occupied by terrorists “Islamic state”, will participate in the country’s army together with police forces and the national guard. They support the aircraft of the international coalition.

Forces have liberated some cities close to Mosul in the village. Al-Abadi, referring to the residents, urged them to cooperate with the army and prepare for release. It is assumed that the storm itself the city seized by terrorists could last for several months.

CNN, citing a source in the Iraqi security forces on the eve of October 22nd says ISIS militants executed in Mosul 284 people, most of them men and children. Nevertheless, residents try to leave the city. According to the red cross, the operation resulted in refugees can be up to 1 million people.