Hungarian Prime Minister urged to save Brussels from Sovietization

Speaking at the event dedicated to the anniversary of the events of 1956, Orban said that people who love freedom, must save Brussels from Sovietization, from those who “want to say with whom the inhabitants of the European States to live in their own countries,” reports Reuters.

“We want to be European nation, not a nationality within Europe”, – said the Hungarian Prime Minister. “As the heirs of 1956 we can not allow Europe to chop off our roots, which allowed her to become great, and we survive the pressure of the Soviet Union. There is no free Europe without nation-States and thousands of years of Christian wisdom,” – said Orban.

Went to the rally and opponents of the acting Prime Minister. “We cannot build freedom while there is a despicable left-wing opposition,” – said Orban ally Laszlo Barta.

Present at the ceremony the President of Poland Andrzej Duda assured of Orban’s support. “You can count on us, we will go together – two of the country established on Christian values and now living in a free United Europe,” he said.

According to the Agency, the speech, Orban called the thousand audience applause and whistling a few hundred of his opponents. The result is a memorable event was accompanied by clashes.

Hungary refuses to accede to the demands of the EU to host some of the refugees from Muslim countries who arrived in the EU.